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The Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry has posted some of my poems from Sailing to Babylon on their site, with brief critical commentaries. Click the titles below to read them.

For some more recent poems available online, please click the titles below. Most appear in revised versions in my new book Durable Goods.

Dryer in Plume.

Mousetrap in Southern Poetry Review.

Lighter, Scale, Screw, Sewing Needle, and Microphone in Met Magazine, with illustrations and an article about the 2020 Manchester Writing Competition. Scroll down the page to find the poems.

Ceiling Fan and Spectacles in Painted Bride Quarterly (scroll down for the poems)

Goose Neck Lamp in Magma (scroll to page 10)

Seven of my poems have appeared recently in Geist magazine. Click the titles below to read the poems.

Three of my poems appeared recently in Humber Literary Review (go to page 29)

See also Crossing the Seine in The Walrus.

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